A Different Type of Franchisor

We’re only as strong as the sum of our parts.

A Different Type of Franchisor Mentality.

A Long-Term Perspective

We want each restaurant location to succeed against other competition – not against our own kind.

What this means is that your franchise location is positioned within a protective area – which may range between a 100-yard and a three-mile radius – based on population density and key demographic data. So, no other BGR franchisee or company-owned restaurant can operate within this protective area, nor can they advertise or promote their location in this zone.

We work hard to find a “win-win” arrangement that prevents cannibalization resulting from locating BGR restaurants too close to one another. A key component of our culture and mission is growing the BGR brand with our franchisees as trusted – and confident – stakeholders. We can’t do that if we don’t recognize each other’s autonomy.

We Want Fewer Relationships

It may sound unconventional for a growing franchise brand to say it, but we’re not your run-of-the-mill franchisor. When you really think hard about the prospect of 500 operators owning 500 locations, it’s easy to see how difficult this approach is for developing strong relationships with our franchise partners.
Accordingly, we seek operators who want to grow with BGR – and operate (over time) multiple locations. Our Development Agreement provides Area Developers with additional training programs or refresher courses to ensure you’ve got a firm handle on owning and operating multiple restaurants in a given area.
In other words, we want our franchisees to thrive with their investment, and we give you the resources to succeed, whether you’re operating a single unit or several restaurants.