Relationship Differentiators

Relationships have a major impact on who you do business with.

As a franchise operator and business owner, you have four key relationships that must be addressed and cultivated.

A successful operator must be willing to – and BGR expects its operators to – work hard to meet the needs of each of these relationships:

Relationship Differentiators – The Big 4

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    Your Customers

    We expect our operators to be customer centric. Absent highly-satisfied customers, we both lose.

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    Your Landlord

    You want to operate in highly desirable locations – thus having a quality operation and dynamic relationship with your landlord is vital for acceptance by key landlords.

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    Your Investor(s) and/or Your Lender(s)

    Most of us are in business because we attracted capital – through equity investment or through financing programs. Having a solid business plan and a willingness to keep informed those whom invested their money in your business are vital for attracting the financial partners at appropriate costs.

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    Your Employees

    Your employees must be well-trained, respected and motivated. Motivated, happy employees treat your customers the best. We expect our operators to invest in their employee relationships.