Franchise Programs

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Additional details about our franchise programs are provided in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Program Terminology & Explanation Document.

Single Unit Franchise Deal

Program Details:

  • Program only available in selected markets
  • Franchise Fee paid up front at closing
  • Identification of local market for site search/unit development must be agreed to up front
  • Each Franchise Agreement stipulates protected radius around the restaurant – no BGR units can be developed in that radius
  • Base Term 10 years; 4 renewal terms at 5 years each

Franchise Fee: $40k

Multi-Unit Development Agreement

Program Details:

  • The Multi-Unit Franchisee identifies the local markets in which the locations will be developed. No Exclusive Territory which allow for units to be developed anywhere in the Territory.
  • A Development Schedule is stipulated for opening all locations
  • Each location executes its own Franchise Agreement
  • Each Franchise Agreement stipulates a protected radius around the restaurant location once lease is executed – no BGR units can be developed in that radius
  • Franchise Fees (all units) are paid as follows:
    • Unit 1 Franchise Fee of $40,000 paid up front at closing.
    • Additional Units Franchise Fee is $30,000 each, 50% of total Franchise Fees paid up front, balance per Multi Unit Schedule.
  • Maximum of 4 Units. Some markets have ‘minimum; number of units requirement (3, 4)

Franchise Fee (Unit 1): $40k

Franchise Fee (Additional Units): $30k

Area Developer Agreement

Program Details:

  • An ‘AREA DEVELOPER’ is required to own and operate all locations themselves.
  • They do not sell franchises.
  • The Territory is stipulated by county/counties.
  • The Area Exclusivity Fee is paid upfront and based on $20K X the number of locations projected for the term of exclusivity. Some fast-growing markets will have additional units factored into the schedule.
  • Assuming 10 units – the Territory Fee is $200K. At 20 units the Area Fee is $400K., etc.
  • The Term of Exclusivity (also the Development Schedule) is based on the size of the Territory and market demographics/geographical factors & characteristics.
  • Renewal Term of Exclusivity typically mirrors the original term.
  • NOTE – the Franchise Fee for each and every unit is reduced to $10K; paid to BGR based on the Development Schedule agreed to in the Area Development Agreement
  • The Development Schedule is agreed to by all parties, and is based on Territory size and market penetration degree of difficulty.
  • Royalties are 5.5% for each location
  • The AREA DEVELOPER does NOT have to identify local markets up front. They can develop anywhere within their Territory, provided BGR approves the location
  • Each location has its own Franchise Agreement.
  • Each Franchise Agreement stipulates a protected radius around the restaurant – no BGR units can be developed in that radius (in the event the Area Agreement matures or is sold.

Associated Fees:

Area Exclusivity Fee: $20k X number of location projected for term of exclusivity

Franchise Fee: $10k per location

Royalties: 5.5% per location

Additional detail about our programs is provided in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).