Choosing the right franchise is more than about investment, concept and ROI.

It’s also about finding the right fit for you.

We consider our operators as members in our ‘Wet Cement Club’ – remembering those times where we and our kids placed our hands or inscribed initials in a freshly poured cement sidewalk or driveway.

Once that cement dries, your imprint (ideas) last forever. That is what our franchised partners can expect in joining us.

Matching Your Goals and Personality with BGR’s Stage of Growth

BGR is an emerging franchise company. All franchise companies go thru several stages as they evolve from start-up to mature organizations. It is important that you consider BGR’s stage of growth, and consider how the attributes of an ‘emerging franchisor’ align with your personality, skill sets and experiences. If you enjoy and seek opportunities to contribute to the evolving growth of BGR – we are likely a good fit.

Entrepreneurs & Pioneers Wanted

We want influencers – pioneer mentalities – and entrepreneurs who want to help grow the concept.

  • We seek those who enjoy interaction with the key executives of our company.
  • You want to be part of a system’s leadership, having an impact on our brand’s evolution.
  • You want a purpose-driven culture built on mutual respect.
  • You want to have pride in your restaurant and you have the drive to build a successfulbusiness.

Restaurant Operators and Executives Wanted

If you currently own restaurants and are looking to add a new, complementary brand to your portfolio, let’s get the conversation started.

  • We would like to meet those who have managed restaurants for others and are looking to build wealth and a legacy investment.
  • You’re experienced in the restaurant industry, but you want to be part of a system
  • For you, lifestyle is a major priority – meaning you want the ability to raise a family – while also having the chance to create your own culture and values.
  • We want those in the restaurant industry that embrace an entrepreneurial attitude and seek a leadership role.

Franchise and/or Business Experience Wanted

We respect and welcome prospective franchise partners who feel comfortable in a franchise culture and environment, whether your background is in restaurants, retail or a different industry.

  • Good business practices can translate across many industries, and those with a franchise background can successfully adapt to our program.
  • We want to connect with those who are seeking a franchise partner with a common objective – to strategically grow the brand through a supportive network of professionals and operators in the franchise industry.
  • You’re looking to diversify your existing portfolio of brands to build wealth while generating a strong return on investment with a proven system.