We strive to provide exceptional experiences for every customer.

Get fired up about BGR – a culinary-driven concept that’s simply a better burger experience. Regionally rooted and nationally acclaimed, BGR uses only the finest products to craft one-of- a-kind burgers alongside all-star sides and shakes.

Award Winning Food

Our menu is dynamic, offering customers a unique culinary experience including a rotation of limited-time offers of ‘Featured Burgers’ and ‘Featured Shakes’ unlike anything you will find in a fast casual setting.

Our restaurants are supplied with high quality, fresh ingredients, including our award-winning beef. Most menu items come to your restaurant ready to grill, without the hassle of preparation or needing a chef. We’re chef-inspired, without the expense of a chef.

Our meats are never frozen and grilled over an open flame – and cooked to order and temperature. Our beef has won awards around the country. Your buns are baked at a bakery and delivered fresh to your restaurant.

For the health-conscious, we offer our fresh, house-made veggie burger, seafood, turkey, grilled asparagus and specialty salads. We also offer to our customers the option of their favorites ‘lettuce wrapped’ or as an enhancement to fresh salads.

We have beer battered onion rings and original & sweet potato fries. Our hand-spun milkshakes are awe-inspiring. Our restaurants feature local craft beer favorites. Not to be overlooked is our family friendly menu. We love kids – and kids love our menu.

Year-Round R&D

As a Franchise Operator, you want your restaurant’s customers experience a menu ‘freshening, but – you want the operation to remain simple.

So, we provide our franchise partners with unique menu specials on a limited-time basis – such as our ‘Thanksgiving on a Bun’ (turkey burger with real stuffing and gravy); or the ‘Cuban’ (pork tenderloin).

Our operators then market these specials to their local community – increasing repeat business and attracting new customers. Our Featured Burgers and Featured Shakes menu ‘library’ consists of unique specialties not found elsewhere.

Our ‘Grill-Masters’ Use an Open Flame

BGR = Burgers Grilled Right

Highly trained grill masters cook-to-order & temperature on an open flame.

No food warmers, your customers always receive their food hot.

We Adapt to Dining Trends

Today’s restaurant consumer wants to know what they are eating – what’s going into their body. They want to eat healthier, higher quality foods.

Customers want to feel good after they dine, not just while you dine. Our menu is crafted to focus on the very best, freshest ingredients.

Emphasis on quality is never sacrificed.

The Keys to your BGR Restaurant are with Us