Shared Vision

You’re not just another franchisee — you’re an indispensable partner.

As a BGR operator, you’re an innovator, and we’re looking for visionaries who want to want to make their mark, etch their names in the wet cement.

You’re a collaborator who’s bringing experience, insight, passion and an entrepreneurial spirit into the investment. You’re ground floor on the evolution of our franchise brand.

What We do Matters to You

Because we own BGR restaurants, we look closely at what results in reduced investment costs, better operations, increased traffic, menu improvement, labor efficiencies and other factors that contribute to restaurant profitability and increased ROI.

What You Do Matters to Us

We want our operators to be part of our present and future.(Link to How We Help You) Opening and operating your restaurants create learning opportunities for us; and, the opportunity for you to test new ideas and practices.

Real World Trainers and Business Consultants

Our trainers have operated BGR restaurants. Our store openers have opened BGR restaurants. We get it.

Skin in the Game

We’re confident in our business model, service, and second-to-none food. We’ve invested in our own concept, with 10 company-owned and operated restaurants.